The Not-So-Hidden Power of Hanging With Customers and Trusting Your Talent: OKRP X Metro

Simple lessons in creativity lead to breakthrough work.

‘Nada’ compares to OKRP’s “Nada Yada Yada” commercial for T-Mobile’s Metro platform. The catchy phrase, meaning ‘no-nonsense,’ promotes Metro’s priority of being the only prepaid phone provider without hidden fees. 

This indie agency’s creative genius that intertwines emotion and imagination led them to win Metro as an account within a highly competitive category. 

We caught up with OKRP creative leaders Matt McNulty and Ben Pfutzenreuter and dove deep into their strategy behind the Nada Yada Yada campaign and the overall experience of work that works. 

We touched on the importance of understanding the target audience culture and unpacking the implications of why it’s critical to learn about (and listen closely to) your talent. 

You can catch segments below and watch the full video here.

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