Pun Fight: The Doughlicious Horse Burgers Edition

For our second episode of Pun Fight, we brought in the dough…via our esteemed sponsor, Doughlicious.

Then our resident Pun Master and co-host with the most, etymologist and Words From Hell author, Jess Zafarris, judged our contestants—Fortnight Collective creative director, Mona Hasan, and Intermark Group Senior Copywriter, Jen Thrasher—as they fought to the death for word domination.

Who had the most puntastic responses? Whose Penn game achieved endgame?

Watch as Mona and Jen go word for word in:

  • Round 1: Punny Business
  • Round 2: WordFill
  • Round 3: Decaword

Are you a wordsmith with a jones for pun and games? Fill out the form below, see the rules of engagement, and join us for the next one.

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