Selling Seattle: A Bold Partnership

Years of unique ways to share the city

For Seattle-based agency, PB&, embarking on the task of finding new and creative ways to sell the city as a prime destination for travelers isn’t simply something they do to attract new visitors and business for their client, Visit Seattle…it’s a labor of love, and evidence of a long-standing relationship that redefines destination marketing.

In this episode of #IndieWork, PB& founder and CEO, Britt Fero, takes IAN through some of the agency’s work for Visit Seattle—some of which features appearances by local legends Dave Grohl and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and all of which feature powerful storytelling.

If your knowledge of the city mostly consists of grunge, The Space Needle, Frasier, or a certain rom-com with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, it’s time to get to know this city—and the work of the indie agency behind its tourism campaigns—a little better. 

Listen and learn as Britt talks about:

  • Navigating challenging times in Seattle
  • Work: Dear, Seattle
  • Work: Sundance film for Visit Seattle
  • Work: Bookmarked
  • Results of the work for Visit Seattle
  • The new Visit Seattle destination video

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