A Secret to Selling in the Work? Add Some Emotion to the Mix

Selling in concepts and work to a client can be a thing of nightmares. We’re reasonably sure that you may have a horror story or two.

But there are also those golden moments when your big idea is embraced lovingly and nurtured to the end when the work sees the light of day. 

Such is the case for Broken Heart Love Affair and their most recent campaign for Kruger Products in Canada, which is worth a look first. 

As we spoke with Jay Chaney, agency partner/CSO and Todd Mackie, partner/CCO, we learned a few things about selling in great work—which you can see below.

Testing? Yes. Emotional resonance? Even better. Trust? It couldn’t be better. 

It also pointed to the essence of a genuine partnership between an agency and client, as evidenced by Kruger CMO Susan Irving.

We also looked inside the development and evolution of Unapologetically Human, the platform the agency continues to build for the brand.

If you’d like to watch the entire session, please go here or watch below.

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