Meet an Indie Agency: The Many

Moving the world forward by challenging all that’s comfortable
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Work that sets world records—winning prestigious awards and moving the needle big-time for clients. The Many’s spirit is disruptive, working with some of the biggest brands and culture-shifters in the world.

With distinct and consistently high-level impact in entertainment, brands see the unique opportunities to partner with the agency to create IP beyond content and branded entertainment.

Panda Express, eBay, Netflix, NBCU and Mixwell are a few brands that have exceeded their expectations by partnering with The Many.

Managing directors Maggie Cadigan and Davis Jones joined us for a chinwag about The Many.

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Agency stats

  • Founded: 2008 (as Mistress, rebranded to The Many in 2019)
  • Location: Los Angeles

Best-known for

Building brand IP and branded entertainment that stands out. Helping brands tell bigger stories through extreme disruption. Hot Wheels, in the agency’s early days, is a prime example of building this foundation.

Why the agency loves being indie

Having the freedom to create beyond a client’s expectations—and the flexibility that’s needed to meet modern marketing challenges.

Why brands should work with this agency

To challenge convention and get into productive spaces that may be uncomfortable but, ultimately, transformative for a brand.

It’s less about (working with a specific) brand or a CMO and more about an alignment of values. [It’s] a willingness to really push the boundaries of how we believe brands and businesses should be showing up in the lives of the communities we’re trying to attract.

Maggie Cadigan, Managing Director, The Many

Why talent should put this agency on their list

If talent likes to build things, this is a great place to thrive. Additionally, those willing to push clients to grow their business in a highly-collaborative environment can succeed here.

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