Liar, Liar? Who Is This Guy?

This episode is a doozy!

This episode of Liar, Liar? Is a doozy!

We’re not just saying so because we’re personally biased about every episode of Indie Agency News and think they’re all great and shouldn’t be missed.

Both our contestant, Alexander Rea from Aux Works, and our guest judge and episode sponsor, Josh D. Weiss, President and Co-Founder of The Side Show, brought their A-games to this one. Like us, you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the big reveals. (And possibly asking more questions, like “Who is this guy?”)  

Buckle up and press play because this is storytelling at its finest!

Which story is true and which is a lie:

  • Round 1: On the Jerry Springer Show?
  • Round 2: Hired to build a 3D simulation model by the Department of Defense while in High School
  • Round 3: Jamming with the Grateful Dead’s drummer

A reminder: Liar, Liar? is part of IAN’s “Fun + Games Friday” lineup, and challenges our contestants to make a statement, and our judge must guess whether it’s true or a lie after asking a series of questions before the contestant makes the big reveal. If the judge guesses incorrectly, the contestant scores points. And if they guess correctly, the contestant still has a chance to win points for style based on their storytelling prowess.

Find out in this episode if Alexander bested Josh’s powers of deduction, or if Josh exposed him for the fraud…or rockstar…he really is.

Think you can hold your own in an episode of Liar, Liar? Fill out the form below and show us what you got!

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