Shamrockin’ and Rollin’ with an Epic Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Pun Fight!

Of words and puns, starring Dakota Ray Hebert and Andy Pitts

Our pre-St. Patrick’s Day-themed episode of Pun Fight had everything: outstanding puns, sublime etymology facts from our judge and co-host-with-the-most, Jess Zafarris, plugs for comedy tours and fascinating new reads (and the indie bookstores where you can find them), a heartfelt tribute to indigenous culture, and a slightly dramatic finish that may have involved a hotel evacuation. 

Our hella smart contestants, comedian Dakota Ray Hebert and EVP of Brand Leadership at BarkleyOKRP, Andy Pitts, stayed on-brand for the Ides of March and stuck it out in a super close matchup that came down to the final round.

The IAN audience got a special treat when Dakota, an indigenous Canadian, spoke about her Dene heritage, her talented family, and how important and affirming it has been to see more indigenous stories in mainstream media…and why continuing that visibility through storytelling matters.

Give it a watch.


Watch Dakota and Andy’s punderful performances in:

  • Round 1: Punny Business
  • Round 2: WordFill
  • Round 3: Decaword

Are you a wordsmith with a jones for pun and games? Fill out the form below, see the rules of engagement, and join us for the next one.

Pun Fight! is generously supported by Douglicious, the Official Afternoon Snack of Indie Agency News.

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