Meet an Indie Agency: Apollo Partners

Repping the Bay Area, media agency-style

San Francisco has a rich history of independent agencies. From the early days of some of the most iconic shops to new players staking a claim, the city’s indies continually impact the market and beyond.

Apollo Partners, opened before the COVID pandemic, is proud of its early heritage and understands why San Francisco’s industry is so special.

Thriving as a full-service media agency, Apollo is uniquely positioned across the digital and IRL space through advertising, sports partnerships, and product development. 

Eric Perko, the agency’s founder and CEO, and Alison Mayes, its managing director, walked us through what drives Apollo forward.

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Agency stats

  • Founded: 2019
  • Location: San Francisco

Best-known for

The breadth and speed of how they approach media—for some of the world’s largest brands and smaller players looking to make their mark.

Why the agency loves being indie

It’s about being bound by nothing and holding the agency to account in ways that give clients and brands higher performance and service.

Why brands should work with this agency

Again, speed matters. As does breadth of experience. Plus, a relentless drive to provide the best client services possible. 

Why talent should put this agency on their list

Talent gets a chance to have a vested interest in the agency’s success. Ambitious and entrepreneurial people can thrive at Apollo.

Marketer shout out

When we started Apollo, [Dave] understood our strengths, believed in us early on and gave us small assignments. We had a principle of over-delivering on anything we were tasked with. And he continued to invest in us and has given us great opportunities. There are a number of people who took on that same role as Dave in believing in Apollo early, but he was one of the most notable and someone we’d like to say hi to and also say thank you.

Eric Perko

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