Portal A’s Michelle Fahrang Wins Platinum Project Manager of the Year Honor

Justine Smith picks up silver in our second honor.

If we’re being honest, every day should be “Honor Your Project Manager Day.”

The sheer volume of work and complexity can be mind-boggling, yet these professionals continually show grace under pressure and keep everything moving forward.

Congratulations to our winners, and enjoy our conversation with Portal A head of project management, Michelle Farhang.

Michelle Farhang, Portal A

Judges comments

“That Target project alone is mind-boggling. To keep the team focused on that thing is an act of brilliance. Add in the commitment to diversity and it’s clear Michelle is a heck of a leader.”

“I’ll assume that there are spinning plates all day long. Then, she gets hit with spinning cups, spoons and forks. Amazing talent.”

Justine Smith, Clever Creative

Judges comments

“Proof that the great ones grow into special leaders.”

“I love seeing people find their path, then make it bigger and wider. Justine carved out something big and it shows in her growth.”

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