#indiework Live: Did Tombras and Zaxby’s Do Philly Dirty?

Not really. It's a really good campaign and stunt.

Don’t worry; this isn’t some rando think piece. That said, Zaxby’s (and their indie agency partner Tombras) decided to put their hand in the hornet’s nest. 

You generally don’t touch several things when it comes to Philadephia:

  1. Discussing Allen Iverson and the merits of practice
  2. Besmerching the good name of Rocky Balboa
  3. Calling a hoagie a ‘sub’
  4. Scrapple
  5. Blaming Donovan McNabb for Andy Reid’s terrible Super Bowl clock management

These are a sampling. But, if there is ONE thing you DO NOT TOUCH in Philly, it is the cheesesteak. It is sacred. Everyone has an opinion (South Jersey steaks are best. See?! An opinion!). 

Now, why a Southern QSR decided to wade into the mix with a fried chicken cheesesteak, we do not know. Ok, we do know. It was a hell of a good stunt. 

There’s Drago. There’s dismay that anyone would even venture into this territory. There’s certainly a good case study to be had with tons of fancy KPIs flying around. 


Philadelphians have strong opinions on the Philly #zaxbys #philly

♬ original sound – Zaxby’s

And it tweaked Philly pholks (yeah, I spelled it that way). Chips squarely on shoulders, we caught up with The Perception‘s principal, creative director and Philly guy, Brian Anderson, to discuss the campaign. 

Did Zaxby’s and Tombras do Philly dirty? Decide for yourself.

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