Meet an Indie Agency: Applied Design

Impactful work that transforms spaces, places and brands.

Conceptual meets pragmatism. It’s a simple construct apt for New York-based indie Applied Design

Over their 10 years, principals Brad Scott and Craig Dobie have learned that proper restraint leads to big things. 

The result is stunningly profound work for the likes of the World Trade Center, the Shops at the Oculus, Grand Central, the Braille Institute and more. 

Blending a mix of large and small agency experience—and genuine entrepreneurialism, Applied Design found balance while breaking down the barriers to design progress for brands.

We caught up with Brad and Craig to talk about their journey—and did a little nerding out on typography and Brand New.

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Agency stats

  • Founded: 2014
  • Location: New York City

Best-known for 

Experts with a beginner mindset and a good dose of pragmatism. Conceptual meets practical and accessibility is everything.

Why the agency loves being indie

Automony opens the door to brilliant ideas and good choices in partnerships with brands and clients.

Why brands should work with this agency

They have a strong point of view and are passionate—and “take it personally” to ensure impact and longevity for clients.

Why talent should put this agency on their list

Structure and entrepreneurial spirit. The agency sets talent up for success with structure but breaks down the barriers to progress.

Marketer shout out

Roger Harris, President, Amtrak

“We would love to do anything to do with the United States railway system.”

Brad Scott

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