Meet an Indie Agency: SpecialGuest

Sometimes, an agency can come onto the scene like a rocket ship with work that stuns. SpecialGuest fits that description after it made its acquaintance with the world through Google’s first-ever TV commercial.

“Parisian Love” remains a stunner and one of history’s greatest Super Bowl ads.

Make no mistake, even after that lofty bar was set, SpecialGuest knew that its chops were more than one ad, and they continue to spark storytelling that matters for brands.

In speaking to SpecialGuest co-founder Aaron Duffy, the indie spirit is very much alive. Most of the agency has worked exclusively in the independent space, and the core staff of nine has built an intimate way of working with brands. 

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Agency stats

  • Founded: 2014
  • Location: DUMBO (but scattered all over the place, too)

Best-known for 

That “Parisian Love” ad for Google, of course. But also, prioritizing a human touch in the work with deep collaboration. 

Why the agency loves being indie

Pure focus on client needs—without any of the noise—and coming up with new ways to work to keep the core smaller. 

Why brands should work with this agency

The agency becomes part of the client’s brand. Instead of thinking of it as an external function, it’s more about being embedded to have daily breakthroughs.

Why talent should put this agency on their list

A production DNA that values making things—bridging conceptual with the real world.

Marketer shout out

“One for my crafty side and one for the techie side—because it’s an example of the [range] we like.”

Aaron Duffy

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