Meet the Indie Agency News Producer of the Year Winners

Hail to the magic-makers!

When we started Indie Agency News, we had some idea about where we wanted to track—especially related to honoring the hard-working people at indie agencies. First, we knew that we wanted to honor people each month instead of a big ‘ol show. There are plenty of great awards that are worth pursuing, but we felt this was more our speed.

The next question was: What role do we honor first? 

The first idea came from my experience as an audio and show producer. It was solidified as I recalled my agency days observing and working with producers. 

So there we go, producers. 

I remain in awe of agency producers. What they conjure up is magical and an important glue in making great work, and we’re proud to recognize these great professionals who keep the indie spirit alive.

Enjoy the time we spent with some of the honorees and learning more about the great work done at indie agencies by producers who continue to create magical moments.  

Lauren Moroz, SpecialGuest

Judges comments

“How do I get Lauren Moroz on my team? She seems like she’s irreplaceable.”

“Extremely clear she’s a great teammate for everyone at SpecialGuest.”

“Lauren sounds like someone you wish was not only your boss/coworker, but a friend too.”

Rachel Noonan & Dan Corken | WorkInProgress

Judges comments

“This was some of the most innovative partnership work I’ve ever seen via Dominos and Stranger Things. I loved the push of new audiences and the results speak for themselves.”

“I see the results of their work everywhere. And it’s never stale.”

Renata Neumann | GUT Miami

Judges comments

“I love the importance of bringing together diverse teams even in the face of pressure-packed deadlines.”

“Renata is an empathetic leader with a global perspective. It shows in the work she does for GUT.”

Luga Podesta | London Alley

Judges comments

“Making an old-form medium of music video into something relevant again is no easy feat. I loved each project.”

Elyse Preiss | Portal A

Judges comments

“Capturing the attention of a live stream for so long is really hard. That was brilliant work for Whatnot tapping into their community.”

“So much of who Elyse represents as a person and producer shows in this nomination, and the work (for a brand I didn’t know until today) is standout.”

Andrew Geller | 1stAveMachine

Judges comments

“I love his philosophy of utilizing AI to tackle such a complex brief. That’s all-star thinking.”

Finally, someone who got AI right?

Nik Traxler | The Distillery Project

Judges comments

“Love the vibes of this work. And great to see more coming for the agency from the brand.”

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