Member Props: The PR King & Queenmakers, OwnIt Love and More

A lot of good in the Indiehood

Each week, we take a spin around the indiehood to see what our members are up to. This week, a big award, some genuinely inspiring inspiration and more.

Hail to the PR Chiefs

Big ups to Raven PR, one of the best PR shops in the biz. They landed on Observer’s list of top tech and A.I. PR firms of 2024. Congrats to co-founders Matt Van Hoven and Hollie Rapello for building a formidable team that understands how to navigate all the industry change and disruption.

Money quote from Matt:

“The traditional way PR is measured is really meaningless,” Van Hoven tells Observer. “It’s basically the monthly impressions of the publication you are mentioned in, which looks good in the boardroom, but it’s not really accurate.” To change that, Raven provides specific data on who has actually read a story. The firm does this by promoting coverage on social media platforms, using their targeting tools to hone in on specific audiences. “When we amplify a story, we determine who sees it. We know if they clicked into the article, if they commented, liked or shared the post. That tells us far more about an audience’s interest in a particular story than a faceless impression.”

Matt Van Hoven

Editor’s note: We’re not sure that’s Matt’s hair. That could be A.I. 

OwnIt Owns it in NYC

A veritable who’s who of women-owned agencies hit New York for the OwnIt summit. The OwnIt goal? More share of voice and share of the market for women-owned shops. 

Simone Oppenheimer Mandel, co-founder of NBZhas a great roundup. And we agree: You can never talk enough about getting more women and diverse-owned agencies in the mix.

Huge high-fives to Christy Hiler (Cornett) and Jean Freeman (Zambezi) for founding this vital mission and bringing so many people together. Let’s keep it going, and we’ll happily share more about the event on LinkedIn.

Speaking of Christy

Lexington’s finest landed on a lovely list of lessons learned. Yes, we did that alliteration on purpose. 

🎩: Ashley Joseph at Ad Age

Some Quality There, Meats

Member Quality Meats with the fab 90s-infused work for Samsung showing the electronic giants’ TV upscaling using A.I. A very clever way into the product. 

And Molly Shannon and Tim Meadows? All day.

🎩: Sabrina Sanchez at Ad Age

A Good Listen: BarkleyOKRP’s Katy Hornaday X Planet Fitness

Pop on the headphones and dig into ANA’s Marketing Futures podcast. The inimitable Katy HornadayBarkleyOKRP CCO, joins Jamie Medeiros, Chief Brand Officer at Planet Fitness, to chat about the brand’s evolution.

Revisiting Some Fine Work from Xpedition

We love it when members look back on the work that matters. On World Down Syndrome Day, Xpedition reshared a great film highlighting John’s Crazy Socks’ entrepreneurial spirit. It’s well worth a watch and your full attention

Still Smell Good

Every Man Jack X Party Land? Nothing else to add here. So good

🎩: Tim Nudd at Ad Age

Ring that 🛎️! New Wins and Other Fun Stuff

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