Connecting Canada Through Simplicity

When IAN last spoke with FUSE Create VP and ECD, Steve Miller, we were lauding their work for a campaign addressing the housing crisis in Toronto.  

In this episode of #IndieWork, Miller and Confederation Centre of the Arts CEO, Steve Bellamy, speak with IAN about how FUSE Create is helping the centre in its efforts as the largest multidisciplinary Arts institution in Atlantic Canada to help Canadians interpret Canadian identity, reconnect with its cultures and learn about the evolution of the country, through the arts. Located in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, the center has spent the past decade engaged in a national effort to reconcile the nation’s complicated history with its indigenous population, but recognized there was still more work to be done.

Tune in to learn how FUSE Create met the challenge, the history of PEI, and more about this fascinating place and the incredible work they’re doing to bring Canadians together through art and dialogue.

Hear the Steves break down:

  • Learning more about the Confederation Centre
  • How FUSE Create approaches their work with the centre
  • The importance of PEI
  • The creative approach and brief
  • How the centre and agency choose topics to address
  • Balancing the message and making it accessible

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