Liar, Liar?

That time Jeff stumped Alexander?

For our third episode of Liar, Liar?, on a fine Fun + Games Friday, we brought back our current score leader, Aux Works’ Alexander Rea, as our judge to find out if Zambezi GCD, Jeff Spiegel, has what it takes to unseat his reign. (It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Jeff made some wild statements, and Alexander had to guess whether they were truths or lies after asking a series of questions before Jeff made his big reveal. (He made sure to ask plenty of probing questions–and some that weren’t so much.) If Alexander guessed incorrectly, Jeff scores points. And if he did guess correctly, Jeff still had a chance to win points for style based on his storytelling prowess.

Does Alexander keep the crown, or will Jeff emerge as the new leader of the liars?

Tune in and find out which story is true and which is a lie:

  • Round 1: A Bank Robber Breakup?
  • Round 2: A Celebrity Turtle?
  • Round 3: Mom’s a Medium?
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